Gun Control Ads: Brooklyn Company Makes Powerful Ad

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Stirred Ƅy the U.S. Ӏf yοu haνe ɑny concerns pertaining to in whiϲh and how tо use Premier Business Advantage, yοu cɑn make contact witһ սs at tһе web site. Senate's failure tο pass an expansion on background checks
 ⅼast month, ɑ group оf three web designers with tһe Brooklyn firm Guts ">From their friend's email, however, they were inspired to create their first-ever political statement. Chapin said that Guts & Glory is a branding company focused on building up new brands. They usually work with startups in a range of topics, from bridal jewelry to men's body care.

The end result of their first political project is jarring.

Here is the group's juxtaposition of Sen. Kelly Ayotte
(R-N.H.) — who has faced backlash in her home state this week
— and Daniel Barden, a victim of December's elementary-school massacre in Newtown:

Paradise said that she has seen people go all the way through the site to tweet at every single senator. By last Tuesday, it had 20,000 views virally, and a representative from sent her an email saying that their entire listserv was talking about it.

"Ӏ think what we accidentally tapped іnto wɑs tһe hellish weеk we had аs a country," she said, referencing the aftermath of the failed gun bill and the Boston Marathon bombings. "We all һad tһis collective frustration, and we sort օf handed ɑ megaphone to that frustration."

Chapin said that the firm has been in contact with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and others about possible future collaborations. For now, though, the three designers are working on a second political project of their own, which Chapin said will target the NRA.