Sounds Like Rainbow Six Siege Is Obtaining A Wild West Financial Institution Burglary Occasion

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Last month, Safe Rainbow Six Siege Digital Content a variety of Wild West skins for Rainbow Six Siege eloped (along with the Smoke Elite), and it's starting to appear like all that cowboy gear is coming together with a brand-new occasion that pits lawmen against outlaws on the wild frontier. Dripped audio from the event has actually now struck the internet, as well as it seems like it'll have a hooligan group protecting a gold stockpile against a team wanting to take it back.

" The legislation was coming," the narrator says, "yet the Graveltop gang would not quit what they had actually stolen without a fair fight. Bank burglary had actually established the law and also the Graveltop gang up in arms. The Graveltop gang's obtained the gold locked up tight, as well as it was up to the law to alter that. Currently, this right here's a tale not yet a couple of can inform.

" The regulation was dealing with the Graveltop gang in our very own town. In the event you cherished this article in addition to you wish to receive more details with regards to Rainbow Six Siege Digital Content generously stop by the web site. The gold was as good as their own-- all they had to do was maintain the law away up until the steeds were brought around. The regulation and Rainbow Six Siege Accounts for sale the Graveltop gang never ever seemed to agree. Yet one burglary was all it took to push them over the side."

So it sounds like the gang will certainly be doing a timed defense while the regulation tries to redeem the gold. It's safe to expect a reskinned map, comparable to previous themed events, yet we'll likely be awaiting information up until the mode goes real-time in-game.